Good Girl Bad Girl…. an introduction, finally!

It occurred to us that we’ve been jamming, pickling, leading workshops, tweeting, catering, baking….. but we haven’t properly introduced ourselves yet! We’re just a couple of girls, Zoe and Karen (women, girls, however you want to call it), who love good food, are inspired by one another, the community we live and work in, and the people we get to meet and the people we know. Is it serendipity or fate that led us to our little enterprise? Who knows. Does it matter, we think not. What does matter is what we’re choosing to do about it!

What we do know is that something good started to happen when we met while working at W2 and from our desire to make naughtily tempting, tasty, yet good-for-you (or, at the very least not-so-bad) food and drink. Then, one night, while sitting on a couch one of us (good one, bad one?) literally stopped what she was doing and thought, ” Good Girl Bad Girl Preserves” ….she then sent a text message to her friend and colleague and she in turn immediately started creating a logo… and well, now we’re here.

So……why ‘Good Girl Bad Girl? Do we really think that there are ‘good girls’ and ‘bad girls’ …no…… it’s never so simple. We’re all a  bit of both, but maybe, sometimes, we’re a little more of one than the other…and it turns out..that one of us is probably a bit more ‘good’ more often than the other one is… but we’ll leave that up in the air..a bit of mystery is always good. In any case, life would be either quite dull, or overly dramatic if we were always just one or the other… the fun is in the mix, a bit of good, a bit of bad,

How does this relate to food? Well…..there is good food, food that makes you weak in the knees, stop what you’re doing, desire more, or completely sates your cravings… but that always ‘good food’? Often that kind of  food is full of butter, cream, fat…(not always, but often)….and then there is food that is bad… tasteless, bland, dry, overcooked, over processed, and well, yes, that is just bad….

Then there is all the rest…. when we think of healthy food, we don’t often think of it being ‘bad’ (decadent, sating, full of pleasure..) ..rather we might tend to think of it as the right thing to eat, clean, wholesome, (salads, fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains) ……and, good. That the only way to enjoy food that is good for you, is to avoid things like jams, or jellies, or desserts.. we could go on.

We think that good food can sometimes be ‘bad’ … and that perhaps ‘bad’ means we challenge expectations sometimes..Good Girl Bad Girl seeks to make preserves that don’t rely on large amounts of sugar, or commercial pectin, in our jams, or other preservatives in our pickles. We believe in high quality ingredients, locally sourced, and seasonally appropriate, and preserved in ways that allows the food we use to speak for itself. We just do it in unconventional ways sometimes (see our post about our cranberry, juniper and rosehip conserve that we like to pair with gamey meats, or sharp cheeses), and believe that really good food, can make you think you’re being a little bit bad…We also just want to have a little bit of fun on this new, wild adventure for us! So, come join us, meet us, share who you are with us!


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