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Creative Mornings

This past Friday we catered the breakfast for Creative Mornings Vancouver for the 13th time. This time was a bit different we did it under our new name, Good Girl Bad Girl Preserves & Catering. Creative mornings is a monthly breakfast series that happens in cities across the globe. Each month there are different amazing and inspirational speakers who share their own experiences about a topic which this month was happiness. This creative mornings we were happy to hear about Joseph Wu an amazing origami artist. He shared some funny and clever puns as well as his experience with ADHD. The photos of origami were breathtaking!

Origami, Joseph Wu

Karen and I (Zoe) are pleased to cater breakfast for such a creative bunch of people who attend the Creative Mornings events. Seeing all the happy and eager faces in the morning waiting in the atrium and the line stretching all the way across to the other side is such an energizing feeling. But the creative excitement doesn’t just start in the morning for us. We usually start the night before prepping all the food and goodies that the guests get to munch on while waiting for the event to begin.

Gluten Free

The photo above is chopped apricots, figs and cinnamon, the beginning stages of the granola we serve with yogurt. This time we did something a bit different as well. We served baked apples stuffed with granola, which were a big hit being a yummy low carb and vegan option.

Yogurt Parfait

We believe in using the most fresh and organic ingredients possible. Especially for breakfast! And since it’s a morning full of creative stimulation for your mind starting off the day with a well balanced nutritional breakfast is so important! Don’t forget lots and lots of coffee too!



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