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Fall Workshops: Preserve the Season!

tomatoes salsa

Well, we know it’s been awhile since we’ve updated our blog, our class schedule and many other things. It has been a hectic year for both Good Girl and Bad Girl. We’ve each taken on new roles at other establishments, Zoe with East Van Roasters, and Karen with Graze Restaurant. It’s been exciting and fast and we’re just now catching up to it all.


Our workshops are back this fall! This season we are working with The Sharing Farm (The Sharing Farm Society), and are very excited about it. The Sharing Farm produces food for the Richmond Food Bank and brings together people concerned about our local food systems and our communities. Their objectives are very close to our hearts, so we leapt at a chance to teach classes at their facility in Richmond.

It’s been an incredible summer and now is the time to extend that lush freshness and exciting local produce through the fall and winter. We’ll be using The Sharing Farm produce, fresh from the fields, and folks will have an opportunity to practice ‘from farm to jar’ canning in a farm context. It doesn’t get much more real than that!

Sharing Farm society

This season we’ll be hosting Sunday classes (just like last year), and they start this coming Sunday, September 22nd! 12pm. Salsas! is our first class, and we’ll be doing three recipes; a lovely fresh salsa roja from one of Good Girl Zoe’s collection, and a fermented salsa as well as a tomatillo salsa verde, and yes, recipes will be given out for participants to take home at the end of class, as well as being posted online.

Fermentation is one of our focuses this year in our preservation classes (as well as a few other methods that we’ll trot out in later sessions). Fermentation is a naturally occurring process, we’ve all encountered it accidentally at some point, when a fruit juice has been left for too long unrefrigerated for instance.

However, fermentation is also one of the oldest methods people have used to preserve a wide variety of food stuffs, and archaeological digs have revealed amazing things such as remnants of thousands of years old wine and mead from many many countries. Humans have used this natural process to create breads, beer, wine and much more.

Make sure to check out our other upcoming workshops including pickled beets, carrots and apple butter. Sign your self up and get preserving!

Sharing Farm Preserving Workshops with Good Girl Bad Girl Preserves:

Click on dates to register for classes.

Sunday October 27 (Beets /Apples)


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