Good Girl Bad Girl is just a couple of girls, Zoe and Karen, who love good food, are inspired by one another, the community we live and work in, and the people we get to meet and the people we know.

We also believe food should be good. Good tasting and good for you. Its production, from growing to processing, should be good for ecological sustainability and for economic sustainability of communities. Food should not be something that is more accessible to some than to others; we believe it is a right of all to enjoy access to healthy, sustainably and locally produced food. We believe that local food producers should be able to support their families and communities.

Food preserving has made a big comeback, and we’re thrilled about that! We see the popularity of preserving food (jamming, jellying, smoking, canning…) not only as something fun and cool, but also as a return to knowledge and skills that previous generations used as a matter of survival and sustenance. To live in an ecologically and economically sustainable way means that we need to re-learn some of these skills, build on this knowledge, and re-conceive how food preservation can help address the impending challenges of food security in an urban context.

So, where possible as often as possible and with as much purposeful intent as possible Good Girl Bad Girl Preserves uses locally produced food to make our creations, to teach our workshops and for catering. We seek to develop relationships with other local producers and food artisans and seek opportunities to participate in our community. We believe that producers and artisans have a unique opportunity to be part of something exciting in this movement to building ecological and community longevity.
Finally, we also want to have fun! We want to dispel fears and ease nerves (oh no…no.. not the pressure canner!). We want to meet new people, share stories and find some new and fun ways to do what we do.

Zoe and Karen
Good Girl Bad Girl Preserves


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